Wedding Favours

A wedding is a special event for a couple and it deserve some unique wedding favours. Unique wedding favours can be anything and will differ according to every bride and groom's choices. Wedding favours will also be a forever reminder for the guests of the new married couple as they embark upon a beautiful journey and pledge their eternal love and commitment towards each other. If you are looking for elegant wedding favours for your guests then you’ve come to the right page, because this site will provide you some useful ideas to pick out wedding favours!

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Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours

For centuries, guests look forward to receiving wedding favours at wedding ceremonies and receptions. These unusual gifts from the bride and groom are an integral part of planning a wedding. From acknowledging the wedding party to thanking guests, wedding favours make an important statement for years to come.

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The First Wedding Favours

The first wedding favours among European aristocrats were referred to as bonbonniere. Small gifts were presented in boxes made of porcelain, crystal and precious stones. Usually sugary confections were tucked inside the boxes because sugar was a pricey commodity in the past. Confections and sugar cubes were treasured gifts to wedding guests, as these treats were typically reserved for the wealthy. When the cost of sugar declined, almonds replaced bonbonnieres. Five Jordan almonds were wrapped in fabric or presented in a luxurious box to represent health, happiness, wealth, longevity and fertility. Modern couples still use Jordan almonds in their wedding favours to honor this age-old tradition.

The Evolution of Wedding Favours

Bonbonniere evolved into Jordan almonds and soon couples were exploring a wide range of possible wedding favours. Crafty couples made useful wedding favours for their guests, such as homemade candles, fragrant soaps, fruit preserves in decorative jars or small cakes to be taken home after the reception. Wealthy couples enlisted the assistance of talented craft people to make their wedding favours. Small glassware and ceramics also started to become popular.

Wedding Favours Today

Modern couples have a vast array of options when it comes to choosing wedding favours. Most couples choose favours that complement their wedding theme for a consistent look. A uniform appearance also adds a professional feel to weddings. Memorable wedding favours are useful, beautiful and personalized so guests keep them for years to come. Top choices include:

DIY wedding favours such as photo frames with a picture of the happy couple or homemade poetry books are priceless offerings;

Dollar store wedding favours are an affordable way to thank guests and include small boxes of candy, wine glasses, figurines of a bride and groom or candle holders;

Themed wedding favours such as mini Adirondack chairs for a beach wedding or sparkling holiday ornaments for Christmas nuptials;

Personalized wedding favours are engraved, embossed or include a ribbon featuring the couple's name so guests always remember where they came from;

Useful wedding favours are always in style including bottle openers, key rings, mirrors, sewing kits and similar household items.

Going Beyond Guests

Besides giving wedding favours to guests, couples today give thoughtful gifts to their wedding party. Sometimes they also choose gifts for the parents of the bride and groom. These presents are tokens of appreciation for the dedication everyone put into their big day. Popular gifts for the wedding party include personalized champagne flutes, customized t-shirts and gold jewelry. Parents of the bride and groom might receive travel gifts such as luggage or a camera, a photo album of family moments, engraved silver wine glasses or plush matching robes with monograms.

The wedding couple typically receives enough gifts and money to start their life together without stress. Wedding favours are the perfect way to express thanks to the special people who made it possible.